Our True Passion

What started in 2008 as a mom and pop family business has quickly grown into a successful wholesale distributor of arts and crafts products for schools, camps, retirement homes, movie production houses and more.

HobbyWorld123 was created by our founder, Rachel Harari, a mother of six who felt compelled to offer her kids a world of imagination and exploration outside of video games and television. Motivated by the significant positive changes she witnessed in her children after introducing them to fun, interactive hobbies, Rachel wanted to influence others to follow suit. As a result HobbyWorld was born and Rachel’s vision spread like wildfire turning her business into overnight success.

For the past 6 years HobbyWorld has been supplying arts and craft supplies for schools, camps, retirement homes and daycares across Canada, and as our clientele grew so did our target audience. What started as a business geared towards products for kids, has now grown into a full fledged distribution company of crafts that supply to; movie houses, set directors, art directors, department stores and event planners. HobbyWorld’s clients continue to return, as our customer service and pricing are second to none. Rachel’s passion is to deliver the best possible quality products along with the type of service that can only be found in a business owned and run by passion, drive and focus.

Our mission is to spread joy and inspire creativity to all those who experience our products. We are not just a distributor of crafts; we are a supplier of imagination, therapy, creativity, happiness and innovation. We believe that the days of arts and crafts are still strong and that children and people of all ages can still find their passion through traditional means, inspired by our products, whether it’s in the classroom, the theatre, or an event.

We welcome you to browse through our thousands of hobby inspired products and see what ignites your imagination to fulfil your product needs. Should you have any questions or special requests please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our HobbyWorld team members will be more than happy to service you.